An Alarm Chip is one of the Chips appearing during the Electronics Mini-Game. 4 such chips appear in each instance of that Mini-Game, on the right-most side of the circuit board.

During the Mini-Game, you must avoid sending an electric current into any of the Alarm Chips. If even one Alarm Chip receives a current, the alarm will go off, ending the Mini-Game. This results in increased Hideout Alert.


Alarm Chips appear in the Electronics Mini-Game. There will always be 4 of them, are randomly placed in any of the 10 possible locations on the right-most side of the Circuit Board.

The symbol emblazoned on the Alarm Chips is that of a bell. It is the same during both Wiretapping and installing a Car Trace.

Deactivated Triggered

Electronics AlarmDeactivated Large

Electronics AlarmActivated Large


At the start of any Electronics Mini-Game, the Signal Paths leading into all 4 Alarm Chips are not carrying any electricity. This is signified by those paths being colored green.

If any Chip Swap results in electricity flowing into an Alarm Chip (signified by a red-and-white pattern on the Signal Path), the Alarm Chip is triggered, and the alarm goes off.

This immediately ends the Mini-Game in a failure. This invariably raises the Hideout Alert level at the Hideout where the Wiretap or Car Trace was being attempted.


Main article: Wiretap

During a Wiretap, an Alarm going off is not always a total disaster. Information gleaned while Wiretapping (by disconnecting Target Chips) is not lost if the alarm goes off.

However, regardless of how many Target Chips were disconnected at the time the Alarm was triggered, the Surveillance Quality at the Hideout where the Wiretap was being performed is not raised at all. This essentially nullfies the long-term benefits of the Wiretap, but at least you retain any information you received (which can still be a great help).

Car TracingEdit

Main article: Car Trace

When installing a trace on a car, an Alarm going off will cancel any benefit of the trace. You will not follow the car to its destination, and will gain no other benefit.