The term Allied Organizations is used to refer to the KGB, MI6 and Mossad. These three organizations are not subordinate to the CIA nor to Max Remington, but they are generally considered to be "friendly". Their location of their offices in every city is always known, and they will never be in charge of any Criminal Plot, nor do they have a Mastermind. On occasion, a member of one of these organizations will be working for the enemy as an Inside Contact.

Basic DefinitionEdit

In a game of Covert Action, you work for the US Central Intelligence Agency, or "CIA". It is just one of many Organizations working around the world, some toward evil, and some towards foiling evil.

The CIA is generally allied with three of these organizations - the British MI6, the Soviet KGB, and the Israeli Mossad. As a consequence these three organizations behave and are treated differently than all other organizations.

Difference from Criminal OrganizationsEdit

Although the KGB, MI6 and Mossad may at first appear to be like any other Organization in the game, there are several key differences that set them apart.

Office LocationsEdit

For one, you will never have to seek out the location of Allied Organization's offices if you wish to perform any activity there. In each city, the location of both offices is always known, from the very start of each mission.

Plot ParticipationEdit

Since these are security agencies of soverign nations, neither organization will ever be knowingly involved in any Criminal Plot.

However, if the plot contains an Inside Contact participant, he will always be a member of one of these three organizations, a double-agent of sorts working from inside to gather top-secret intelligence for the enemy.

Break-Ins and WiretapsEdit

It is possible to break into any Allied Organization's office, and also possible to install Bugs and Wiretaps there. This is used primarily to gather easy information on the lower Difficulty settings, but is also required if seeking to arrest an Inside Contact working in one of those offices. During break-ins however, the guards at the office will behave like any other guards, and will fire at you, capture you if they can, and even demand you exchange agents (in their case, usually Double Agents) for your release.

If Allied Organization offices are made suspicious enough of your actions (such as through failed Wiretaps or conspicuous Break-Ins), they will send men to run your car off the road and attack you!

The Driving Mini-GameEdit

During the Driving Mini-Game, reaching the KGB, MI-6 or Mossad office will allow you to evade your pursuers.


None of these organizations has a Mastermind to be captured in the game.