An Assassination is one of the possible Plots in a game of Covert Action. This is a common plot that occurs in four different Mission Sets. With many Participants and several branches of the plot to pursue simultaneously, it is very difficult to arrest everybody. On the other hand, there are many ways to find the Major Agent and stop him before he can strike. On top of this, the Assassination mission offers a terrific chance to catch the Mastermind, early in the mission.

General Plot OverviewEdit

In an Assassination scenario, 7 participants attempt to kill an important person who is obstructing their greater-scale operations. This is performed loosely in three general steps:

The plot begins with several participants planning the operation and getting in touch with some of the other participants. The Mastermind is informed that the plan is in motion.

In the next step, several Minor Agents acquire items by performing Minor Crimes. The Tailed Victim follows the victim around to discover his vulnerabilities. The Purchase Weapon acquires a powerful Sniper Rifle. Both the rifle and information are given directly to the Assassin. In addition, the Financed Operation withdraws money and sends it via the Delivered Money to the Assassin as payment.

In the third step, the Assassin commits the Primary Crime by assassinating the target. This ends the mission successfully.

Mission SetsEdit

The Assassination plot will appear as part of four different Mission Sets:

In the Drug Campaign and Freedom Games Strike scenarios, the Assassination will usually occur as the second mission of the set, and may occasionally occur as the first mission. In the Political Assassination and Terror Campaign, it will always be the last mission of the set.


Note: Unlike in most other Plots, the Role names of the Participants in an Assassination seem to describe the actions they will perform (in the past tense, no less), rather than their role in the plot. Thus, we get names like "Financed Operation" rather than "Financier". This can be a little confusing both in-game and here at the Wiki.

Role Role Arch. Actions
Contacted Parties Organizer Begins the plot by contacting all three of the Minor Agents as well as the Mastermind.
Financed Operation Paymaster Withdraws a Item Payoff Small large sum of money to serve as payment to the Assassin.
Delivered Money Courier Delivers the Item Payoff Small Payoff from the Financed Operation to the Assassin, either before or after the Primary Crime.
Inside Contact Inside Contact Collects information about the target's schedule.
Tailed Victim Minor Agent Follows the victim around to determine the best time to strike, and the best place for the Assassin to lay in wait.
Purchase Weapon Minor Agent Acquires a Item SniperRifle Small high-powered Sniper Rifle from shady sources, to be used in the assassination.
Assassin Major Agent Sets up in a building overlooking the target's scheduled rout, and shoots the target.
Mastermind Mastermind Receives word that the operation is underway early on, and disappears into hiding before things heat up.


During an Assassination plot, two items are created and will move between participants as the plot dictates:

Icon Item Name Sequence of Events
Item SniperRifle Sniper Rifle Acquired in a Minor Crime by the Purchase Weapon participant.

Delivered to the Assassin sometime afterwards.

The Assassin will take this item with him into hiding.
Item Payoff Payoff Acquired in a Minor Crime by the Financed Operation.

Delivered to the Delivered Money, and from him to the Assassin, either before or after the Primary Crime.

The Assassin will go into hiding with this item if he can.

Plot OutlineEdit

The following actions are performed by the participants in the plot. The order in which these actions will occur is not strict, and may change slightly depending on random factors, as well as in reaction to Max Remington's actions.


During this stage, the various Organizers activate one another as well as one of the Minor Agents. The Mastermind is informed that the plot has been initiated.

Message Traffic The Contacted Parties sends a message to the Purchase Weapon.
"You are directed to purchase a high-powered sniper rifle. Deliver it to our special operative as soon as possible."
Message Traffic The Contacted Parties sends a message to the Inside Contact.
"Please provide details of <Target's Name>'s traveling schedule. This operation is urgent and justifies risking your cover."
Meeting The Contacted Parties visits the Tailed Victim.
"Follow <Target's Name> and determine when he is vulnerable. When you have determined the best moment to strike inform our local operative."
Message Traffic The Contacted Parties sends a message to the Mastermind.
"Dear Mastermind. Proceeding with your latest instructions. Good luck with the rest of your ingenious plan."
Message Traffic The Inside Contact sends a message to the Tailed Victim.
"<Target's Name> is traveling unprotected on Thursday. Suggest you follow him to determine best operational timing."

By this point, both the Contacted Parties and the Inside Contact have completed their mission. They will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.

In addition, the Mastermind is likely to go into hiding soon after receiving the above message. He will not stick around until the end of the mission.


During this stage, the Minor Agents perform Minor Crimes to acquire the necessary items for this plot. All items are finally delivered to the Major Agent. In addition, money is withdrawn and delivered to the Major Agent via Courier.

Minor Crime The Tailed Victim follows the victim around to discover his schedule and vulnerabilities.
"Local ALERT: (<Target's location>) A suspicious vehicle has been noted following <Target's Name>. All agents are advised to be on the alert."
Message Traffic The Tailed Victim sends a message to the Assassin.
"<Target's Name> is scheduled to be at location X at 12:00 AM tomorrow. You should have a clear shot from the apartment building across the street."
Minor Crime The Purchase Weapon acquires the Item SniperRifle Small Sniper Rifle.
Note: This Minor Crime does not generate any Bulletin.

Meeting The Purchase Weapon visits the Assassin and delivers the Item SniperRifle Small Sniper Rifle.
"Here is the weapon you requested. Good luck."
Minor Crime The Financed Operation acquires the Item Payoff Small Payoff.
"Bulletin: (INTERPOL BankWatch) A large quantity of cash has been withdrawn from the <Bank's Name> in <Financed Operation's location>. This transaction appears quite suspicious."
Meeting The Delivered Money visits the Assassin and and delivers the Item Payoff Small Payoff.
"This represents our down-payment. Good luck."
Note: This may occur after the Primary Crime has been completed. The payoff itself is not required for the Assassin to commit that crime.

By this point, all four of the above participants (Tailed Victim, Purchase Weapon, Financed Operation and Delivered Money) have fulfilled their mission and will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


Primary Crime The Assassin shoots and kills the target in cold blood.
"FLASH: AP NewsWire Urgent: <Target Name> was gunned down in the streets of <Assassin's Location> today. Witnesses report a single gunman was involved. No motive has been discovered for this terrorist act."

The Assassin, having completed his mission, can now safely go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


This plot lacks a proper Resolution stage. The only action that may occur after the Primary Crime is the transfer of the Item Payoff Small Payoff from the Financed Operation to the Assassin via the Delivered Money courier - but this action usually occurs before the Primary Crime.

Unlike most other plots, there is no further communication or delivery of items to the Mastermind after the Primary Crime. In fact, the Mastermind will likely already be In Hiding since the end of the Activation stage.


This is a list of the points you will be rewarded for performing various actions during the course of the mission.

Action Target Points
Arrests Contacted Parties 35
Financed Operation 35
Inside Contact 40
Tailed Victim 20
Purchase Weapon 25
Delivered Money 20
Assassin 40
Mastermind 200

Confiscations Item Payoff Small Payoff 50
Item SniperRifle Small Sniper Rifle 50

In addition, the following failure will increase the Maximum Score by the listed amount of points:

Action Max. Score Increase
Fail to prevent the Primary Crime 400

The highest final score possible for this mission is 1383, before applying Difficulty multipliers.