The term "At Large" is used to describe the current status of an enemy agent. Depending on context, it may mean that the agent is either "Not Arrested nor Turned", or "Not Arrested nor In Hiding". In general, at least on this Wiki, it usually means an agent who is free to perform his role in the current Criminal Plot.


This Wiki, as well as the game itself, uses the term "At Large" to mean different things, but it is always used to describe an enemy agent - particularly a Participant in the current Criminal Plot, who has not been Arrested yet.

Definition during De-BriefingEdit

When viewing the Scoring table in the After Action Report shown after a mission is ended, Participants who have not been Arrested or Turned will show as being "At Large". This is written next to their name.

Participants who are At Large are considered to have escaped the long arm of the law, by going Into Hiding before Max could Arrest or Turn them.

For scoring purposes, Max receives only partial points for an agent who is At Large, based on the amount of information he could gather about that agent during the mission (either before or after the agent went into hiding).

Definition in relation to PlotsEdit

This is the definition used primarily on this Wiki. It describes an agent who has not yet been Arrested and has not yet gone into Hiding.

Agents who are "At Large" will continue to perform their role in the plot, whatever it may be, assuming no other factors interfere. Agents that have not been Turned will go into hiding if ever their mission becomes impossible to complete (thanks to other agents being Arrested or In Hiding), or when their part in the mission is over. Turned agents will remain "At Large" for the rest of the mission.