A Bioweapon Crisis is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"A number of college and hospital laboratories have reported suspicious incidents lately. It may be nothing, and it may be serious. The President thinks it's serious, so that's all that matters. Check out these reports and find out who's behind it. I think it's a waste of everyone's time, but the President speaks and we jump."

In a Bioweapon Crisis scenario, the Mastermind and his Organization are attempting to create an extremely deadly virus to be used for some unknown terrorist agenda.

To do this, they will kidnap a scientist specializing in monkey virus research, and steal samples of one potentially deadly virus. Subsequently, they manufacture a weapons-grade version of the virus to be used in their nefarious plans.


The following plots occur during a Bioweapon Crisis Mission Set:

  1. Kidnapping of Bacteriologist Edgar Coli, a leading researcher in the field of monkey viruses.
  2. Theft of a set of Virulent Virus Samples from a Medical College presumably performing virus research.
  3. Ultimate Plot: The enemy acquires one million petri dishes and attempts to manufacture the Deadly Virus X - an enhanced, weapons-grade version of the stolen virus sample.