A Bombing is one of the possible Plots in a game of Covert Action. The Bombing scenario is one of the most common, appearing in no fewer than 6 different Mission Sets. The Bombing plot has a relatively linear structure and is relatively easy to thwart or delay, with several Items having to make their way directly to the Major Agent. On the other hand, failure to stop the Primary Crime will have a huge negative impact on your score, and a few of the lower-end Participants can be difficult to catch before they disappear.

General Plot OverviewEdit

In a Bombing scenario, 6 participants attempt to blow up a strategic target, most often the headquarters of a major intelligence agency. This is performed loosely in four general steps:

The plot begins with several participants planning the operation and getting in touch with some of the other participants.

In the next step, several Minor Agents acquire items by performing Minor Crimes. The Researcher acquires a set of Blueprints of the intended Bombing target. A Supplier acquires explosives, and a Bomb Specialist acquires parts used for the detonator. Eventually, all items arrive at the Bomber's location.

In the third step, the Bomber commits the Primary Crime by bombing the target. He takes photographs of this terrorist attack.

In the final step, the Bomber delivers the photographs to the Mastermind.


Role Role Arch. Actions
Initiated Plan Organizer Begins the plot by contacting the Organizer and Supplier to explain their tasks.
Organizer Organizer Contacts the Researcher to explain what blueprints he must acquire.
Researcher Minor Agent Steals Item Blueprints Small Floor-Plan Blueprints of the intended target of the bombing.
Supplier Minor Agent Purchases a large quantity of Item Explosives Small Explosives for use in the bombing.
Bomb Specialist Minor Agent Steals high-grade detonator parts, and combines them with the explosives to create the Item Bomb Small Bomb.
Bomber Major Agent Plants the bomb at the target location and blows it up.

Acquires Item Documents Small Photographs of the explosion, and delivers them directly to the Mastermind.
Mastermind Mastermind Waits for photographs of the bombing to be delivered to him at the end of the plot.


During a Bombing plot, four items are created and will move between participants as the plot dictates:

Icon Item Name Sequence of Events
Item Explosives Explosives Acquired by the Supplier in a Minor Crime during the second part of the plot.

Delivered to the Bomb Specialist sometime afterwards.

Disappears during the Bomb Specialist's Minor Crime, and replaced shortly afterwards by the completed Item Bomb Small Bomb.
Item Blueprints Blueprints Acquired by the Researcher in a Minor Crime during the second part of the plot.

Delivered to the Bomber sometime afterwards.

The Bomber will take this item with him Into Hiding after the Primary Crime.
Item Bomb Bomb Created during a Meeting between the Bomb Specialist and the Bomber late in the second part of the plot.

The Bomber "loses" this item during the Primary Crime.
Item Documents Documents Acquired by the Bomber during the Primary Crime.

Delivered directly to the Mastermind, who will take this item with him Into Hiding.

Plot OutlineEdit

The following actions are performed by the participants in the plot. The order in which these actions will occur is not strict, and may change slightly depending on random factors, as well as in reaction to Max Remington's actions.


During this stage, the various Organizers activate one another as well as one of the Minor Agents.

Message Traffic The Initiated Plan sends a message to the Organizer.
"To achieve our goals it has become necessary to destroy the <Bombing Target>. We ask you to organize this operation. Your assistance will be rewarded."
Message Traffic The Initiated Plan sends a message to the Supplier.
"It is vital that you supply us with a large quantity of plastic explosives. Deliver to our bomb expert as soon as possible."
Message Traffic The Organizer sends a message to the Researcher.
"You are to acquire the floor-plan blueprints of <Bombing Target> needed for our operation. Deliver them to the bomb placement team."

By this point, both the Initiated Plan and the Organizer have completed their mission. They will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


During this stage, the Minor Agents perform Minor Crimes to acquire the necessary items for this plot. One Minor Agent receives an item and combines it into a bomb. All items are finally delivered to the Major Agent.

Minor Crime The Supplier acquires the Item Explosives Small Explosives.
"Bulletin: (INTERPOL NewsNet) A large quantity of plastic explosive was purchased today in the city of <Supplier's location> by person or persons unknown."
Meeting The Supplier visits the Bomb Specialist and delivers the Item Explosives Small Explosives.
"The alarm system at <Bombing Target> is a Alpha model Hughes ProtectoMaster. I recommend an electronic detonator for this job."
Item Dump The Bomb Specialist combines the Item Explosives Small Explosives with a detonator.
"Bulletin: (INTERPOL ComIntercept) Someone within the <Bomb Specialist's organization> has acquired some unusual electronic components. It appears some sort of delayed-action bomb detonator is being built."
Note: Despite its description, this action is not a Minor Crime, but an Item Dump. The Bomb Specialist will not acquire any detonator parts Item. Instead, the Bomb Specialist will simply lose the Item Explosives Small Explosives that were given to him by the Supplier.

Meeting The Bomb Specialist visits the Bomber and delivers the Item Bomb Small Bomb.
"I have completed this delayed action bomb. It should completely destroy the <Bombing Target>. Be sure not to confuse the red and yellow wires."
Note: This is an unconventional Handoff, because the Item Bomb Small Bomb appears out of thin air during this meeting, and will now be in the Bomber's possession.

Minor Crime The Researcher acquires the Item Blueprints Small Blueprints.
"Bulletin: (INTERPOL NewsNet) A set of floor-plan blueprints were reported missing this morning from the <Bombing Target> in <Researcher's location>. Local authorities are baffled as to the motives for this crime."
Meeting The Researcher visits the Bomber and delivers the Item Blueprints Small Blueprints.
"Here are the blueprints for <Bombing Target>. There appears to be at least one unguarded entry point. However, there is a sophisticated alarm system."

By this point, all three of the above participants (Supplier, Bomb Specialist and Researcher) have fulfilled their mission and will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


Primary Crime The Bomber destroys the target with a powerful bomb, and acquires Item Documents Small Photographs of the event.
"Bulletin: (INTERPOL NewsNet) A gigantic explosion destroyed the <Bombing Target> near the city of <Bomber's location> today. Authorities are baffled as to the perpetrators or motive behind this violent act."

No participants complete their missions at this stage.


In this stage, photographs of the bombing are delivered to the Mastermind. This is the only time that the Mastermind is contacted at all during this plot.

Meeting The Bomber visits the Mastermind and delivers the Item Documents Small Photographs.
"Dear Mastermind. Our operation went off like clockwork. You may now proceed with your nefarious plot."

At this point all participants have completed their missions, and will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


This is a list of the points you will be rewarded for performing various actions during the course of the mission.

Action Target Points
Arrests Initiated Plan 45
Organizer 35
Bomb Specialist 25
Supplier 30
Researcher 30
Bomber 40
Mastermind 200

Confiscations Item Blueprints Small Blueprints 50
Item Explosives Small Explosives 50
Item Bomb Small Bomb 50
Item Documents Small Photographs 50

In addition, the following failure will increase the Maximum Score by the listed amount of points:

Action Max. Score Increase
Fail to prevent the Primary Crime 400

The highest final score possible for this mission is 1343, before applying Difficulty multipliers.