Screencap CIAChief
The CIA Chief is Max Remington's direct boss. He's the one who briefs Max at the start of each mission, and de-briefs him at the end of each mission. He will comment on Max's success, and may appear to congratulate Max after each successful Arrest of an enemy agent or Confiscation of an Item.

In addition, the CIA Chief may provide Max with additional data about the Mastermind currently heading the enemy's Plots.


Each Mission starts with a Briefing given by the CIA Chief.

If this is the first Mission in a Mission Set, the CIA Chief can only guess at the nature of the operation that is about to take place. It is almost always possible to identify the current mission set based on this short introduction - and thus may be possible to anticipate which Criminal Plot is about to be attempted by the enemy.

On subsequent missions, the Chief will only comment on Max's performance in the previous mission, either complaining about his performance and explaining why the enemy may now have the advantage, or congratulate Max and speculate about the enemy's next move.

At the end of each Briefing, the Chief will give Max a run-down of the various Evidence and Clues collected by CIA during the first day of the mission (during which time the player has no control over Max).

Extra Mastermind InfoEdit

At the start of each new Mission Set, if Max could not capture the Mastermind in the previous Mission, it is possible that the CIA Chief will give you one piece of Evidence relating directly to the Mastermind, extracted from agents Arrested or Turned during the previous mission. This may make it easier to capture the Mastermind this mission.


When a mission ends, the CIA Chief will show Max the After Action Report and Scoring screens.

If Max was particularly successful during the mission (I.E. earning a sufficient number of points), the CIA Chief will award him with a Promotion.