In Covert Action, a Crime refers to any activity by an enemy agent that breaks the law. Crimes come in two flavors: Minor Crimes and Major Crimes. The InterPol will almost always generate a Bulletin whenever a crime is committed. Most Crimes also include the acquisition of an Item by the perpetrator of the crime.

Major CrimeEdit

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A "Major" or "Primary" Crime is the main focus of the enemy's Plot. It is performed by the Major Agent of the plot. Very often, the Major Agent needs to receive several Items or information from other Participants before he can commit the Major Crime.

Allowing the Major Crime to happen will cause a significant loss of points.

Sometimes, an Item is created during the Major Crime. In such cases, the Plot usually continues until that item can be delivered to the Mastermind.

Minor CrimeEdit

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A Minor Crime is an illegal act performed by various Participants in the plot that is meant to provide Items or intelligence for the perpetration of the Major Crime (see above). A single Plot can call for any number of Minor Crimes, but at least 1 will always be required for the Plot to work.

Minor Crimes are perpetrated by various kinds of agents, primarily Minor Agents and Paymasters. Most Minor Crimes create an Item, which will then be delivered directly or by Courier to the Major Agent in preparation for the Major Crime. In case a Minor Crime does not involve acquisition of an item, information will be relayed to the Major Agent instead.

Minor Crimes may sometimes be forced to occur over and over again by confiscating the Item they produce (if one is produced, that is).

Allowing a Minor Crime to occur does not impact negatively on Max's score.