For the Mini-Game played when decoding Messages, see Cryptography (Mini-Game).

Cryptography refers to one of the four Skills that agent Max Remington possesses.

Skill Cryptography
Cryptography is the skill of decoding encrypted messages. Max's skill at Cryptography can be anywhere between "Average" and "Awesome", defined by how many skill points the player put into it when creating Max.

Cryptography assists Max during the Cryptography Mini-Game, by giving Max more time to solve the puzzle, as well as counteract the adverse effects imposed by selecting a high Difficulty Level.

The following table describes the effect of the Cryptography skill on the actual difficulty of the Decoding Mini-Game:

Local Disturbance National Threat Regional Conflict Global Crisis
Average 1 3 4 4
Good 1 3 3 4
Excellent 1 1 3 3
Awesome 1 1 2 3


  1. Spaces and punctuation marks appear. One or two of the most frequent letters in the message (usually 'E' or 'T') are already solved for you.
  2. Spaces and punctuation marks appear. No letters are solved for you.
  3. Spaces appear, punctuation marks do not. No letters are solved for you.
  4. The message is devoid of spaces, but has punctuation marks. No letters are solved for you.