A Drug Campaign is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"Max, our DEA contacts are reporting that drought and enforcement activities have reduced cocaine production. This means the drug barons are being squeezed and each shipment is critical for their business. They may be desperate to get their cocaine in. The DEA has advised the President to expect aggressive drug activity. He wants you to investigate and get after the drug shippers while they are vulnerable."

In a Drug Campaign scenario, recent droughts and DEA activity have put a dent in the illegal production of Cocaine. This has caused the Drug Barons to be pressed into a corner, urging them to take desparate means to get their drugs into the streets.

This has driven the Mastermind and his Organization to attempt to make a ludicrous profit by supplying massive quantities of drugs.


The following plots occur during a Drug Shortage Mission Set:

  1. Bombing an InterPol Headquarters to reduce InterPol activity on the streets in preparation for the campaign.
  2. Assassination of a Chief Drug Investigator to keep him from foiling the Organization's drug transactions.
  3. Drug Trafficking: The Organization attempts to manufacture a large quantity of Crack Cocaine and smuggle it past the authorities and into the Black Market.