An Election Campaign is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


In an Election Campaign scenario, the U.S. is backing the Social Democratic party in an election being held in some (undisclosed) foreign country. The Mastermind and his Organization, for unknown reasons, are backing the Liberation party.

During this Mission Set, the enemy will attempt a campaign of blackmail and terror in order to destabilize public opinion and ultimately prevent the Social Democrats from winning the elections.


The following plots occur as part of a Election Campaign Mission Set:

  1. Blackmail of one Geraldo Corazon, presumably a senior member of the Social Democratic party, persuaded to sabotage his own party's interests in exchange for the enemy's silence about a manufactured illicit affair.
  2. Bombing the Election Commission HQ in order to throw the voting process itself into chaos through the destruction of all Voter Registration records.
  3. Armed Assault on the Social Democratic Campaign Rally - a clear terrorist attack meant to scare Social Democratic voters from openly supporting the party.