A Federal Prison Break is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"Max, we've picked up rumors of a major jailbreak being planned. We don't know where it's to happen or who's to be released. We must assume that a rumor like this is related to somebody really important. Could be a drug kingpin, a valuable spy, or one of those ruthless terrorists. People of this caliber must remain in prison once convicted. Especially after all of the trouble we've been through to catch them. The President wants you to investigate this rumor."

In a Federal Prison Break scenario, the CIA receives reports of enemy intentions to perform a "Major" jail-break, but has no idea of the identity of the person they intend to rescue.

As it turns out, the Mastermind and his Organization are attempting to rescue a notorious Drug-lord from no less than a Federal Prison, before his trial can occur. To this end they will infiltrate the prison and acquire the Prison Warden's cooperation in their operation.


The following plots occur during a Federal Prison Break Mission Set:

  1. Forgery of Prison Visitor Passes, presumably to be used either during the Prison Break itself or during its preparation.
  2. Blackmail of the Prison Warden, to get his cooperation with the mission by lowering security around the target and/or in the entire prison complex.
  3. Prison Break: The enemy kidnap a helicopter pilot and perform a helicopter extraction at the Federal Prison, rescuing notorious Drug-lord Manny Noriega days before his trial is due to begin.