A Freedom Games Strike is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"Max, we're worried about security at the upcoming Freedom Games. As you know, athletes from around the world will be gathering to compete in this celebration of peace and brotherhood. You remember what happened at the Munich Olympics? Well, I'm afraid some crazed terrorist group just won't be able to pass up a target like this. We've seen some disturbing signals in the last few days. The President is worried. See what you can find out."

In a Freedom Games Strike scenario, the CIA is concerned about security at the upcoming Freedom Games - apparently an equivalent to the Olympic Games.

Sure enough, the Mastermind and his Organization are attempting to recreate the 1972 Munich Massacre by killing the Israeli athletes participating in the event - this time with an explosive charge planted in their dormitories. To do this the enemy steals the security plan of the dormitories, and assassinates the Israeli security expert who is coordinating security for the Israeli team.


The following plots occur during a Freedom Games Strike Mission Set:

  1. DataCrime: The enemy hacks into the AARPA Network to retrieve the Security Plan for the Athletes' Dormitories.
  2. Assassination of an Israeli Security Expert who is coordinating security at the Israeli dormitories.
  3. Bombing of the Israeli Athletic Dormitory, and killing the athletes inside, possibly to ignite a new war in the Middle East.