MI6 is the unofficial name of the British Secret Intelligence Service (more commonly known as the "S.I.S."). It is one of the three Allied Organizations appearing in Covert Action.

In the GameEdit

The British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 is an Allied Organization that appears in Covert Action.

As an Allied Organization, it collaborates to a limited degree with Max Remington and the CIA. The location of the MI6 Office in each and every city in the current Theatre of Operations is known from the start of the mission.

While it does not supply information voluntarily, the MI6 does not participate knowingly in any Criminal Plot and does not field any Red Herrings. However, it is possible for an Inside Contact to be working for the enemy from within this organization.

If Max is being pursued by enemy operatives in the Driving Mini-Game, it is possible (on lower Difficulty levels) to duck into the MI6 building to escape them.

Historical BackgroundEdit

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The MI6 can trace its origins back to the First World War, when it replaced the Secret Service Bureau. It struggled to remain viable throughout both World Wars, often playing second-violin to more overt Military Intelligence services like the SOE.

The MI6 gained huge notoriety when sir Ian Flemming wrote a novel about an MI6 super-spy known as James Bond, which glamourized the life of a British spy in the cold war era.

In truth, the MI6 operates on a much lower key. Of all major Intelligence Services around the world is the one most noted for its ability for clandestine operations which rarely if ever are even heard about - successful or otherwise. The list of known MI6 operations in the past 50 years can easily be counted on two hands. It is anyone's guess as to how many operations they've conducted that no one's ever heard about at all.

MI6 operatives are considered to be extremely well-trained and highly-disciplined. They are reputed to be exceptionally good at gathering information without anyone ever finding out, and it is assumed that much of this information is traded to other intelligence agencies with whom the MI6 is allied - primarily the CIA.