A Nuclear Crisis is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"Max, some of our contacts are reporting unusual activity. Somebody is acquiring very specialized equipment. We're all intrigued by these reports. They probably mean nothing, but the President hates surprises.
See what you can find out. This may be tied to rumors of an ultimate terrorist attack."

In a Nuclear Crisis scenario, the Mastermind and his Organization are determined to construct a Nuclear Bomb of their own. To this end they will acquire Plutonium as well as a known Nuclear Physicist, and construct their own bomb in a clandestine facility.

Their intended use for this bomb remains unknown.


The following plots occur as part of a Nuclear Crisis Mission Set:

  1. Theft of and unspecified quantity of Plutonium 235 from a Breeder Reactor.
  2. Kidnapping of renouned nuclear physicist Dr. A. Einstone, who has experience in the construction of nuclear devices.
  3. Ultimate Plot: The enemy purchases the final ingredient, an Imploding Detonator, and constructs a Nuclear Bomb in a hidden facility set up specifically for this operation.