A Political Assassination is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"All right, Remington, this is important: we now know that the Mastermind is involved in something that affects summit-level politics directly. We have a few pieces of information we'd like you to follow up right away... so wipe that blank look off your face and get going!"

In a Political Assassination scenario, several leaders from various world powers are coming together for a Summit meeting.

The Mastermind and his Organization decide that this is the appropriate time to assassinate one of those leaders. They will bust a notorious Hit-Man from prison to perform the task. Their motives remain unclear.


The following plots occur as part of a Political Assassination Mission Set:

  1. Forgery of Summit ID Documents to allow the assassin to get as close as possible to his target.
  2. Prison Break: The enemy will attempt to break Carlos the Hyena (a known Hit-Man) out of prison so that he can perform the assassination.
  3. Assassination of a Leading Head-of-State taking part in the Summit meeting, for some unknown political agenda.