Gear SafeCrackingKit Large

A Safe Cracking Kit is one of the different pieces of Gear that Max Remington can carry with him on Break-Ins. It is used for opening locked Containers, specifically Wall Safes and Floor Safes. Without this kit, such containers may not be opened by Max.

Gear SelectionEdit

Gear SafeCrackingKit Shelf

A Safe Cracking Kit on the shelf (Gear Selection Menu)

Like any other piece of Gear, a Safe Cracking Kit can be brought along for a Break-In by selecting it in the Gear Selection menu.

It takes up 1 Gear Slot, out of the total 5, like any other piece of equipment. If Max is already carrying 5 pieces of Gear but not the Safe Cracking Kit, the kit can only be selected if at least one piece of Gear is de-selected first.

Once the Break-In starts, Max cannot acquire a Safe Cracking Kit until he leaves the building. If he is carrying one, there are several instances where he can lose that kit.

Kit Without CameraEdit

Although it is possible to add a Safe Cracking Kit Gear SafeCrackingKit Small to your Gear without adding a Camera Gear Camera Small, this is entirely senseless. All containers that require a Safe Cracking Kit to open them also require a Camera to retrieve the information inside. Therefore, there is no benefit to opening safes without being able to photograph them.
The opposite, however, is not true: Cameras are sometimes selected without Safe Cracking Kits, because they can still photograph Unlocked Containers like Cabinets, Desks, and even Toilets.
However, since Floor Safes Furniture FloorSafe Small usually contain the most valuable information, these two pieces of Gear are almost always carried together. If Max has no need to examine Floor Safes in the current location, it can be better to forgo the Safe Cracking Kit for another item.


To use a Safe Cracking Kit during a Break-In, Max must walk to the front of a locked Container and turn to face that container. The player then presses the "ENTER" key to open the container.

Safe Cracking Kits can be used infinitely, and never "run out", so long as the kit is not lost (see below).

Closing a safe does not require a kit. Also note that enemy guards can open safes freely.

Losing the kitEdit

If Max is knocked out and captured during the course of a Break-In, and decides not to Exchange Agents with his captors, he will be spawned in the Agent Room in the same building, without his kit (nor any other item other than the mandatory Pistol and Kevlar Vest).

However, you may still add a Safe Cracking Kit to your Gear in future Break-Ins, as normal.