A Super Cannon is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"Max, some of our contacts are reporting unusual activity. Somebody is acquiring very specialized equipment. Precision tools, special metals, and explosives seem to be on somebody's shopping list. We're all intrigued by these reports. They probably mean nothing, but the President hates surprises. See what you can find out."

In a Super Cannon scenario, the CIA is picking up reports of criminal interest in precision equipment and exotic metals. As the plot unfolds, they discover that the Mastermind and his Organization are trying to construct a "Super Cannon", some sort of extremely powerful weapon, to play part in an unknown agenda.


The following plots occur during a Super Cannon Mission Set:

  1. Theft of a crate of High-Strength Tubes, used for the manufacture of launchable weaponry, from a Metal Foundry.
  2. Theft of a large quantity of Explosive Propellants, used in the production of shell caps, from a Chemical Plant.
  3. Ultimate Plot: The enemy acquires the last piece of equipment it needs - a Precision Lathe - and attempts to manufacture a Super Cannon using the stolen items, the Lathe, and a large supply of component parts.