A Super Drug is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"We received a garbled transmission from one of our deep-cover DEA agents which has us very concerned. Shortly after we recorded the message, the transmitter went off the air. We were able to make out a few words of the message: 'Mescal', 'Mastermind', 'millions of dollars'. We're not sure what this means but it appears to be something big."

In a Super Drug scenario, a deep-cover DEA agent manages to relay a broken message warning about an impending drug transaction worth millions of dollars. This refers to an attempt by the Mastermind and his Organization to create a new and extremely addictive version of Mescal, which they call the "Super Drug".

To manufacture the Super Drug, the enemy steals Mescal-based medicine, and kidnaps a known chemist known to make experiments with medical Mescal. They then proceed to manufacture the new drug and distribute it to the Black Market.

See also: Drug Campaign (Mission Set)


The following plots occur during a Super Drug Mission Set:

  1. Theft of a supply of Specialized Chemicals from a Large Industrial Warehouse,
  2. Kidnapping of the Noted Chemist, Dr. Pasture, who is experimenting with the use of Mescal as a medicine.
  3. Drug Trafficking: The Organization attempts to manufacture a large quantity of the Mescal Super Drug and smuggle it past the authorities and into the Black Market.