A Target Chip is one of the Chips appearing during the Electronics Mini-Game. 6 such chips appear in each instance of that Mini-Game, on the right-most side of the circuit board.

During the Mini-Game, your objective is to disconnect the electricity running to Target Chips. When Wiretapping, each Target Chip that's disconnected will benefit you. When installing a Car Trace, you must disconnect all Target Chips in order to successfully complete the Mini-Game - there's no benefit to disconnecting each individual chip.


Target Chips appear in the Electronics Mini-Game. There will always be 6 of them, are randomly placed in any of the 10 possible locations on the right-most side of the Circuit Board.

The symbol emblazoned on the Target Chips depends on the purpose of the Mini-Game:

Mini-Game Type Connected Disconnected
Wiretapping Electronics TapDisabled Large Electronics TapEnabled Large
Tracing a Car Electronics TraceDisabled Large Electronics TraceEnabled Large


At the start of any Electronics Mini-Game, the Signal Paths running into all 6 Target Chips are carrying an electric current. This is signified by the red-and-white pattern flowing through those paths. This means that they are still connected to a source of power.

Your objective during the Mini-Game is to disconnect each Target Chip. When the path going into a Target Chip turns green, that means it does not carry a current. The chip will then turn green as well (see above), signifying it has been disconnected.


During the Mini-Game, it is possible to reconnect a Target Chip that has already been disconnected. This occurs if a Chip Swap results in electricity being channeled back into the Target Chip.

The event itself has no negative consequence. However this still means you would need to disconnect the chip again if you wish to complete the mini-game successfully.


Main article: Wiretap

During Wiretap installation, each individual Target Chip you manage to disconnect has a certain chance of yielding information. The type of information you get is random, though it is somewhat based on the location where the Wiretap is being installed.

The information is collected the moment the Target Chip turns green, and cannot be "lost" afterwards even if the Mini-Game is ended prematurely (through activating an Alarm Chip, running out of time, or simply quitting the mini-game).

If at any time all 6 Target Chips are disconnected from power (Green), the Wiretap is completed successfully.

Once the Mini-Game ends, for any reason, the number of currently disconnected Target Chips is counted. For each disconnected Target Chip you will gain +5% to the Surveillance Quality of the Hideout being wiretapped.

Installing a TraceEdit

Main article: Car Trace

When installing a car trace, disconnecting an individual chip from electricity yields no benefit whatsoever. The only successful outcome occurs when at least 5 Target Chips are disconnected. If at any time there are 5 or more Target Chips disconnected from electricity, the Mini-Game ends successfully.