Animated map of locations in Europe (click to view)

Each set of missions in Covert Action can be situated in a different Theatre of Operations. When a new Mission Set begins, the game randomly picks one of three possible theatres:

Difference between TheatresEdit

There are two primary difference between missions played in two different theatres.


Each Theatre of Operations has 16 cities strewn around the map. Participants in the plot may be hiding in any of these 16 cities, and it is possible to travel to any of them during the game. There is no real difference between cities aside from the distance from other cities, which affects travel times.

Some cities appear in each theatre of operation regardless of how far they actually would be from there. This includes Washington, London, and Tel Aviv. There is no real significance to these cities to distinguish them from others, except Washington which is where you will start each and every mission.

Criminal OrganizationsEdit

The second difference is in the Criminal Organizations that may appear as participants in the plot or otherwise.

  • Plots unfolding in Europe will involve such groups as the Marxists, PIFA, the Red Battallion and Stasi, and also includes some African groups such as Libyan Embassy or Iraqi SP.
  • Plots unfolding in Africa will involve such groups as the Muslim Jihad, Revolutionary Guards, PRC and Red September, and also includes some European and American factions like the Mercenaries, Stasi, and Marxists.
  • Plots unfolding in America will involve such groups as the Haitian Junta, Mercenaries, Tupamaros, and so forth.

Your Allied Organizations, namely CIA, MI6 and Mossad, will appear in every Theatre of Operations, and the location of their offices in every city will be known from the moment the mission starts. This does not mean that either organization will be involved in the plot, but one will always be involved if the plot contains an Inside Contact participant.

Mission SetsEdit

If a mission ends with the Plot Mastermind still at large, the next mission will always be set in the same Theatre of Operations. This gives you another chance to capture the same Mastermind, who will always remain at the same location where the game had randomly placed him when he was initially created.

For example, if a plot unfolds in Europe, you will continue playing missions in Europe until such time that the Mastermind involved in these plots (who remains the same throughout) is captured.

Depleted MastermindsEdit

It is possible (and is in fact the ultimate goal of the game) to capture Masterminds belonging to all of the existing Criminal Organizations. Since each organization can only have one Mastermind throughout the entire game, doing so will end the game triumphantly.

Along the way, it is possible to capture all Masterminds belonging to all 12 Organizations operating in one specific Theatre. When this occurs, that theatre will no longer be playable, and that theatre is considered "clear" of enemy activity for the remainder of the game.