A Trade Show Strike is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set.


"One of our undercover agents has heard rumors of a deadly attack being planned. We think its related to the VIPs going to the trade show this month. We don't know if the show itself is the target, or the hotels, or even the VIP trip on the new high speed train. We need these rumors investigated fast. If there's any truth to them, don't let the plot succeed."

In a Trade Show Strike scenario, a large number of VIPs from various professions are about to attend an important Trade Show. In particular, they are going to see the demonstration of a new high-speed train.

The Mastermind and his Organization are determined to stage a terrorist attack by blowing up the train station while the VIPs are attending the demonstration.


The following plots occur as part of a Trade Show Strike Mission Set:

  1. DataCrime: The organization steals the VIP Travel Initerary from the AARPA Computer Network so they can target specific VIPs traveling to and from the trade show.
  2. Burglary at a Locomotive Plant to photograph Train Schematics of a new high-speed train, in preparation for an attack on the train.
  3. Bombing the Train Station, destroying the new high-speed train prototype and killing all the VIPs attending its demonstration.