ULTRA-Codes is one of the possible overall objectives that a Criminal Organization may attempt to accomplish during a Covert Action Mission Set. This set only contains one Criminal Plot, and will only occur on the lowest Difficulty setting (Local Disturbance).


"The word is that the opposition is after our new top secret ULTRA-level code book. This is the President's private code, and he's worried. Just between you and me, Max, we think there's a leak in Internal Security. We need an outsider to crack this case, the President wants you."

In an ULTRA-Codes scenario, the Mastermind and his Organization are attempting to steal a new top-secret "ULTRA" code book, the private code-book used by the President himself.


Only one Plot occurs during this Mission Set - the Simple Theft of the ULTRA Code Book from a U.S. Embassy. This is an extremely simplified plot where everything is geared to allow Max to capture all four participants as well as the Mastermind.