An Ultimate Plot is one of the Criminal Plots in a game of Covert Action. Despite its name, the Ultimate Plot is not one of the harder missions in the game, and actually provides a very good chance of capturing the Mastermind. On the other hand, the movement of items during this plot is very unusual, and makes Confiscations trickier. Due to a glitch in the script, this plot will repeat itself over and over unless Max can thwart it completely or arrest the Mastermind.

General Plot OverviewEdit

In an Ultimate Plot scenario, 5 participants attempt to construct a doomsday device - the Super Cannon, Deadly Virus X, or other such dangerous device. This is performed loosely in four general steps:

The plot begins with the Mastermind himself setting things up for the operation by contacting the entire top echelon of this plot. The Organizer proceeds to contact a Paymaster as well as several Minor Agents.

In the next step, the Minor Agents acquire items by performing Minor Crimes. The Supplier acquires materials required for the construction of the device. Meanwhile, a Procurer awaits delivery of funds with which he acquires the required manufacturing equipment. Eventually, all items arrive at the Manufacturer's location.

In the third step, the Manufacturer uses the materials and equipment to create the Doomsday Device itself.

In the final step, the Manufacturer delivers the completed device to the Mastermind.

Mission SetsEdit

The Ultimate Plot is quite common, appearing in four different Mission Sets:

In all four sets, the Ultimate Plot will occur as the third and last mission of the set.

Furthermore, due to a glitch in the programming, the Ultimate Plot will repeat itself indefinitely, until the plot can be thwarted completely (preventing the Primary Crime) and/or the Mastermind is Arrested or Turned. At that point, a new Mission Set will be selected.


Role Role Arch. Actions
Mastermind Mastermind/Organizer Begins the plot by contacting the Manufacturer to get him ready.

Waits to receive the Item MiscGoods Small Product at the end of the mission.
Organizer Organizer Contacts the Financier, Procurer and Supplier to explain their tasks.
Financier Paymaster Withdraws cash from a clandestine account.

Uses this cash to fund the purchase of manufacturing equipment by the Procurer.
Procurer Minor Agent Acquires special Item Electronics Small Equipment required for constructing the Doomsday Device.
Supplier Minor Agent Steals various Item Supplies Small Supplies and materials required for the production of the Doomsday Device.
Manufacturer Major Agent Manufactures a Item MiscGoods Small doomsday device of some sort.


During an Ultimate Plot, three items are created and will move between participants as the plot dictates. Note that item delivery in this mission is unconventional to put it mildly. The entire mission appears to be designed to prevent easy Confiscation of items.

Icon Item Name Sequence of Events
Item Supplies Supplies Created during a Meeting between the Supplier and the Manufacturer.

The Manufacturer "Loses" this item during the Primary Crime.
Item Electronics Equipment Appears in the possession of the Manufacturer during a Minor Crime committed by the Procurer.

The Manufacturer "Loses" this item during the Primary Crime.
Item MiscGoods Product Acquired by the Manufacturer during the Primary Crime.

Delivered to the Mastermind, who will try to take it with him Into Hiding.

Plot OutlineEdit

The following actions are performed by the participants in the plot. The order in which these actions will occur is not strict, and may change slightly depending on random factors, as well as in reaction to Max Remington's actions.


During this stage, the various Organizers activate one another as well as one of the Minor Agents.

Message Traffic The Mastermind sends a message to the Manufacturer.
"These instructions come from the highest levels of the <Mastermind's organization>. Prepare a facility for the manufacture of the <Doomsday Device Type>."
Message Traffic The Organizer sends a message to the Financier.
"Preparations are being made to produce the <Doomsday Device Type>. We will require a precision lathe. Obtain the necessary funds and deliver them to the Procurer."
Message Traffic The Organizer sends a message to the Procurer.
"Your assignment is to acquire a <Specialized Equipment Type>. Sufficient funds will be supplied to you as soon as possible."
Message Traffic The Organizer sends a message to the Supplier.
"Some special supplies will be required to produce the <Doomsday Device Type>. Steal or buy them and deliver them to our manufacturing facility."

By this point, the Organizer has completed his mission. He will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


During this stage, the Minor Agents perform the Minor Crimes required to get the equipment for the Primary Crime. One Minor Agent has to wait for money to withdrawn and delivered to him before he can commit his crime. Eventually, the Minor Agents meet with the Major Agent to hand this equipment to him.

Minor Crime The Financier withdraws money from a special account.
"Bulletin: INTERPOL BankWatch... A large quantity of funds were withdrawn from a <Financier's Organization> Money Market fund today. No further details at this time."
Note: The money is not an actual item, and cannot be confiscated.

Meeting The Financier visits the Procurer and delivers the money.
"These funds should prove sufficient to purcase <Specialized Equipment Type>. Our manufacturing facility will soon be operational."
Note: The money is not an actual item, and cannot be confiscated.

Minor Crime The Procurer acquires the Item Electronics Small Equipment, which appears immediately in the possession of the Manufacturer.
"Bulletin: INTERPOL NewsNet... According to the usually reliable sources, someone within the <Procurer's organization> has purchased <Specialized Equipment Type>."
Note: This is a highly unconventional Minor Crime, as the resulting Item Electronics Small Equipment item appears in the hands of a different Participant. There is no Meeting or Message between these participants.

Minor Crime The Supplier acquires crucial materials.
"Bulletin: INTERPOL NewsNet... Supplies sometimes used in the production of the <Doomsday Device Type> were stolen today in the city of <Supplier's location>. Local authorities are very concerned."
Note: No item is created during this crime. See the next action for more information.

Meeting The Supplier visits the Manufacturer and delivers the Item Supplies Small Supplies.
"I was able to put my hands on the supplies you wanted. The <Specialized Equipment Type> should be delivered shortly."
Note: This is not a true Handoff - the Item Supplies Small Supplies do not actually exist before thie meeting occurs. They will appear suddenly in the Manufacturer's possession during this meeting.

By this point, the Financier, Supplier and Procurer have fulfilled their mission and will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


Primary Crime The Manufacturer assembles all of the equipment, and acquires the Item MiscGoods Small Final Product.
"Bulletin: INTERPOL NewsNet... A highly placed asset within the <Manufacturer's organization> reports that they have been able to manufacture the <Doomsday Device Type>! If true, this constitutes a grave danger and must be stopped."

No participants complete their missions at this stage.


In this stage, the Product is delivered to the Mastermind, completing the plot.

Meeting The Mastermind visits the Manufacturer and receives the Product Item Item MiscGoods Small.
"The <Doomsday Device Name> appears to be of high quality. The orders of high command have been fulfilled."
Note: The Mastermind visits the Manufacturer, not the other way around.

At this point all participants have completed their missions, and will go into hiding if not arrested or turned.


This is a list of the points you will be rewarded for performing various actions during the course of the mission.

Action Target Points
Arrests Organizer 35
Financier 40
Procurer 30
Supplier 25
Manufacturer 40
Mastermind 200

Confiscations Item Supplies Small Supplies 50
Item Electronics Small Equipment 50
Item MiscGoods Small Product 50

In addition, the following failure will increase the Maximum Score by the listed amount of points:

Action Max. Score Increase
Fail to prevent the Primary Crime 160

Note: A glitch in the mission scripting will always give you 100 bonus points for no reason. Possibly, this is instead of the intended 240 (?) point penalty for letting the Product reach the Mastermind at the end of the plot. This may be connected to the game's failure to advance the Mission Set beyond the Ultimate Plot unless the Mastermind is apprehended.